Minimalist Movie Poster: Split

Split centers in on Kevin, a man who suffers from multiple personality disorder and has a total of 23 different personalities. Throughout the movie, a potential 24th personality is often referred to as The Beast.

My initial ideas were to either spotlight the main personalities within Kevin or to focus on The Beast. I decided to feature depictions of The Beast drawn by Hedwig, a personality who acts like a 9-year-old boy. I wanted to find a balance between Hedwig's childish perspective and the actual horror of The Beast. I played with the juxtaposition and scale between The Beast and the window to see what would create the best effect.

For the hardwood background, I made two lines at the outsides of the artboard and used the blend option to effortlessly create an entire page of lines. Then, I used the twirl, pucker, and bloat tools to create distortion in the lines to give the appearance of knots and imperfections. With the brush, I made the wood into planks, similar to the walls in Hedwig's room. 

Again with the brush tool, I drew the image of The Beast. I wanted him to appear more as a shadow, so I set the transparency to multiply. I left the eyes with normal transparency to make them stand out from the background.

Similar to the drawing of The Beast, I changed the transparency of the pieces of tape holding up the drawing of the window. However, I used the screen transparency to lighten the layers below as Scotch tape would do. I also added a subtle shadow behind the paper to give the effect that the paper was separate from the hardwood surface.

I used Bebas Neue for the title. Once I created the outlines, I used the knife tool to divide the text into pieces and shifted them and essentially split them.