Surreal Landscape

For my landscape, my concept is based around the silhouettes of my cats. I noticed that cats contort their bodies and sleep in the strangest positions, and I thought I could use the shape to create mountains. I have an orange cat and a black cat, so I used the difference in value to play around with depth in the image.

I found pictures that would work compositionally together and used the free transform tool to adjust the perspective of each cat. Once they were pieced together, they still looked a bit flat, so I lowered the brightness and saturation of the cats in the back. I also blurred them to set them farther back.

I placed pictures of rocks that I had and used the clone stamp to blend the edges if I had several pictures placed on top. Afterwards, I set the blending mode to multiply, so the texture would look like it was part of the cat.

One of the cats was sitting on a blue gray sheet, so I used the clone stamp to extend it  and make a river out of it. I used the free transform to add small kayakers to dramatize the scale of the mountains.

To create movement in the sky, I used some fluffy white sheets and set them on overlay to add clouds. I also painted in some colors for a sunset environment. I also added very subtle sun rays by putting the cloud filter and applying a radial blur on it.

Overall, this project was interesting because it pushed me to think beyond the content of the picture and more about the structure.