Package Design: Village Candle


My package design concept was to create the start of a limited edition holiday series. I picked Village Candle and built the dimensions around one of their smaller candles. The idea was that the outside would have a pattern related to the actual scent, while the interior would be its own environment. I illustrated a snowy landscape with a night sky as if the candle were sitting in its own winter wonderland. I attached grommets and a faux suede handle just for a finishing touch.

I also designed a placeholder, so the candle would not slip and slide inside the box. I made the holder's diameter slightly smaller than the candle's diameter, so the pressure would prevent the candle from falling out.

I made some illustrations in Photoshop with transparent background, so I could make them into patterns on Illustrator.

I made a warning label just for believability's sake. I image traced warning images off a candle association page and copied the information off the actual candle's label. With the pen tool, I made a SKU label.

While I was installing the grommets, I learned that a dumbbell is a handy substitute if you can't find a hammer.

Overall, the project turned out decently. From a marketing standpoint, the design might not be the most eye-catching if it were on shelves with other competitors. However, I liked the fact that the design is illustrated inside and out.